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Paul Middleton & The Angst Band
Every Wednesday @ The Blues Bar in Harrogate.
[Show starts about 9:30pm]
Paul Middleton

Thanks to everyone involved in the last gigs in Box, nr Bristol & Bath (28/10/11) and at the Dublin Castle in the Capital (11/11/11 - spooky? - which rocked by all accounts thanks in no small part to Pete oliver steppin' in to the breach. Picture soon I 'ope.

The Box gig is with the excellent Jake Morley and in LDN it's Angst Band and 360 - the marvelous ska band they played with at Glasto and in Tulse Hill - so it ought to be a belter - let's go mad in Camden!

Paul Middleton

By all accounts it went very well at Glastonbury. We are in the process of collecting pictures from this Summer's adventures - including FEVA in Knaresborough and Limetree Festival. Also there was some serious camera equipment int' blues the other day so hopefully there will be some quality video action soon! How about this from Tony - somewhere in cyberspace.

"...just thought I'd let you know that we stumbled upon your set at Glasto. Stunning... Kevin Coyne on steroids."
..and this one from Ian...
"Just wanted to say that I saw you guys on the Friday night at Glasto, thanks to Dennis at The Fuzzy Rock cafe insisting that I should stay after Katy Brooks, and I was blown away - haven't had a rocking night like that for years!
I dragged my friends back on the Saturday night for your even longer set - great night was had by all - who the hell wants to watch Coldplay anyway!!"


Click here for - Paul Middleton & The Angst Band LIVE @ The Blues Bar


Paul MIddleton's Angst Band playing in Box
Paul Middleton The Railway Tavern London
Dublin Castle London

The way I see it there is nothing original...

Contemporary music is, and always has been, derivative.

There is music in all of us. As the neural circuits - do it - they make sounds, fizz pop hum, and we dance, it is chaotic, it is the sound of life, the sound of life feeding upon itself in order to recreate itself, we and all the rest of what our senses tell us, are its manifestation, doing exactly the same thing, feeding upon ourselves in order to recreate ourselves, which, in its turn, makes a lot of noise, so much that we cannot hear the original sounds and even though we dance to the tune we remain deaf to the music. So we make our own
And every now and then someone gets close to the original and upon hearing it something happens with our emotions and we FEEL alive.

When I was 15 - 1962 - I heard Mississippi Fred McDowell and something happened, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Bukka White, Big Joe Williams, there was so much of it, Muddy waters, Howlin Wolf, Sleepy John Estes, there seemed to be an inexhaustible amount of this blues stuff and all of it was pure no shit beautiful, it made me feel alive, in touch with something inside. I been searching for that experience ever since. I was in Leeds looking for like-minded folk. Every one just wanted to get stoned and talk about it
I wanted to do it. I moved to Harrogate and found some people who wanted to do it. It became a band called Wally. We did it. We made music. It went around the world

I was a slide guitar player in Wally. I never set out to be a slide guitar player. I was a bass player in Wally. I never set out to be a bass player. All the time I was writing stuff - angsed prose - I was looking at the world and people around me. They seemed to know what they were doing and why. It looked like blind faith (good band) to me. I was compromising. I never wanted to compromise. I don't want to be Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson etc.

Got involved with other bands after Wally. Freddy Alva etc. etc. etc.
Too much compromise.
So started a business get a mortgage get a wife.

Inevitably it goes pear shaped so I think fuck it.
It's now or never.
Started playing.
But now
My own stuff-
Nothing is original
Can it be peculiar?
Should I have done this 30 years ago?
Could I have done this 30 years ago?

Now is the time

Paul Middleton Band Paul Middleton

Here is the Band, sometime in the early 1990's ( left to right - Paul, Rick, Buck, Ben & Phil). I think the one with the mullet is at the Rum Runner/Old Tradition/Honest Lawyer/Iron Duke place but in the eighties so it is probably the Old Trad.

We think these photos were taken at Harrogate Theatre at the turn of the century. Click here for a review which ~ I think ~ from around the same time.
Simon Paul Buck
Frank Phil Ben
Click here for some footage on YouTube of the band Wally - if you search there is more
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