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Welcome to our web site - 2019 update
Please browse the site for pictures and info about the band and feel free to contact us about anything - new band member bios to follow...
The Grove Inn Holbeck Leeds You can catch the band every week at The Blues Bar in Harrogate and The Duck & Drake in Leeds - the band are also playing at The Groove Inn Holbeck Leeds - check them out at this great new venue.
Paul Middleton

Brand new DVD on sale now - whole gig recorded and filmed live at The Blues Bar in Harrogate - £10.00 - contact us

'Going Down' live at Blues Bar Harrogate
Paul Middleton and his Angst Band are available for HIRE! They would love to play RADIO STATIONS and on TV ( hey BBC @ Salford! - how's it working out for you ? Get in touch) They will play pubs, clubs and festivals - Private Parties - public parties - even weddings and can be contacted directly via this web site.
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Paul Middleton's Angst Band represent a lifetime of fury, love, loss and joy condensed into a single, breathtaking live music experience. A survivor of 70s prog explorers Wally, Paul Middleton combines the raw musical passion of his acoustic and lap steel guitar playing with intelligent, intensely personal lyrics. With a vocal nod to Howling Wolf and Captain Beefheart Paul weaves songs and stories that are at once imaginative and honest, rich in experience and awash with a wry sense of humour.
Paul Middleton
The worldly wit and wisdom of Mr. Middleton is backed up by his erstwhile lieutenants and young Turks, The Angst Band and their eclectic blend of blues-rock, folk, punk and soul. The blistering fretwork of guitarist Darren Ibbotson is matched only by his ear for musical subtlety and nuance, whilst Matt Evens enhances this rich dynamic with lush keyboards and exotic xylosynth to create vibrant, intricate melodies. John Davey's fluid and powerful bass ebbs and flows beneath, pushing both the groove and the mood of the songs. The whole thing is underpinned by the rock-steady rhythms and inventive percussive flair of drummer Adam Westerman.

From Yorkshire towns to French villages, by way of numerous festivals - including Glastonbury in 2011 - Paul Middleton's Angst Band perform songs for those who've ever fought until their knuckles are bloody or wept alone in a corner, for those who've ever had a job or lost one, for those who've lost love only to find it again. In other words, a song for almost everyone, because, after all is said and done, we're only human you know.

Paul Middleton & The Angst Band
Every Wednesday @ The Blues Bar in Harrogate.
[Show starts about 9:30pm]
Paul Middleton
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